Monthly Archives: June 2011

Blackboard upgrade and designing support materials

Its upgrade time of year and we are looking at our support materials (with me looking mainly at content).

Now Blackboard have finally come up with some halfway decent support guides ( they also have a number of videos on the site.  So the majority of the “what button do I click to” FAQs are already dealt with which means making our own support materials doesn’t have a good cost/time benefit.

Which begs the question what should we do?  Our users are highly educated academics, we really want to engage them with the “why” do something rather than just the “how to”.  But as pointed out in this useful post by Clive Shepherd it is easy to overload people with information, telling them everything at once rather than just the basics they need.

What I need to design now is some materials that introduce the Content system, give the basics and a simple reason for using but also work to bring people back when they want/need to learn more.