Studying again

Ok so I have signed up for the #edcmooc which is probably both a good and a bad thing.

Good because

  1. Learning is always a good thing
  2. It gives me a reason to post some blog posts (and lets face it this site was pretty dead)
  3. A chance to put myself in the shoes of a student again
  4. More clever people to swap ideas with

Bad because

  1. There seems already to be a lot of different media to keep up with (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, the MOOC itself).  I am already on most of them but it looks like I will have to pay more attention.
  2. Time – course hasn’t started yet and it already feels like there is a lot to do (this is really bad because the biggest reason staff give me as to why they dont do eLearning is time – If I do fail to complete due to lack of time its going to be a bit embarrassing)

Ok – so its a brief post but I have at least started 🙂



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