Video reflection 1 – The future is great! (if you are rich) #edcmooc

2 Adverts start the film festival for week 2 of the #edcmooc

From Corning “A day made of Glass (2)”

And Microsoft’s snappily titled “Productivity Future Vision”

Now one of the questions was to look at how education was portrayed in the videos, and it is all very shiny and bright and slick.  There isn’t however much evidence of learning going on, students are shown shiny displays on a big screen which is duplicated on their little screens.  Later they look at the world and have artificial reality imposed over the top – and on my first view I thought looks great but what value does it add.  Similarly in the Microsoft video I thought the looking for the recipe was just a search with better pictures and a cute polar bear.

Then I looked at both videos again and I realised I had missed a lot of potential.  The big Dinosaur park would be exciting for the kids they would see the Dinosaurs in a natural context (admittedly not the Dinosaurs actual natural setting)  and get a real idea of size and behaviour.  The screens pull up contextual information on what is being seen – I particularly liked when it identified the Elk from the footprint.  Then at the end of the day they share what the saw with their mum and discuss it.  You then see them working collaboratively with their mum on their homework.  In the microsoft one the girl contacts her mum to discuss what she is going to cook, the tablet then shows the girl on the workbench the things she needs and what to do with them (I was reminded how I cooked Tarka Dal for my Wife using instructions & recipe from Video Jug)

So – Inspiration, Contextual information and instructions, communication & collaboration plus the ability to work/learn anywhere.  Not a bad attempt really, I would have liked to see some of the ways that students could be “creators” using this tech, however we do have to remember that this was made by advertising executives not teachers.

Who makes it and why is an important point, it is likely that in the future we will (as we do now) use technology designed for entertainment and business and adapt it to be used for learning.

Now to the bit I didn’t like – this was a tale of the life of the affluent made easier and better by technology.

Woman with servant

Hold my laptop steady or your fired

The massive house and big new car  had plenty of room for the beautiful glass display surfaces, the new build school was clean and very spacious (If you look at the floor plans for new (non-private) schools in the UK you will see you would get about 1/3 of the space per child).  The microsoft one was IMHO worse, the beggar on the subway was virtual (have the poor been herded off somewhere?), despite the high tech car pickup the driver was still picking up her bag.  For me the worst/funniest was the idea of the high tech card knowing who was coming and in which car etc but the poor bellhop still has to stand out in the cold waiting for the business woman to arrive.

I understand why – this was an advert and the targeted people would be used to other humans  having jobs that are based on making the targeted peoples life easier.  The advert held out a vision of the world where technology had become another better Butler, to go with all of the servants service staff you already had.


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