Planning my Artefact #EDCMooc

When creating something its good to storyboard out what you are planning to do.  I wouldn’t normally post what is in effect my brainstorming, but the EDCMooc is about the process as well as the finished product so below is the notes I made when making my artifact (yes its messy and yes it wont make much sense to you – but when I do post the artifact it will make (some) sense)

So all the reading and watching is done, time to start making my Artefact. I want to do something that looks at posthumanism (partly because I think that its not really a clean break – we became human the first time we made a tool to use, the tools we have now are just more powerful).

I also want to comment on the obsession with testing particularly as (in the UK) our government is trying to change our education system to more resemble how things were when they went to school.

Text: Visual I am a posthuman : Brains & boxes? (Ed pic)

Technology – Faster : Bike&Car (Photo) Brighter :Light (Photo)

Distributed Intelligence : Devices (photo)

Think through my friends : Tree video with social media pics superimposed (use this but attribute! )

At work : Enter (video)

Home : Media (dont know!)

My Phone : phone (picture)

Communities : Social media images

My Children : Cyberman masks (photo)

Fading intellect :wings pic (Ed)

Pencil: Video – snapping pencil

Tried to get #edcmooc visualisation but the communal brain on G+ let me down.  Found this visualisation AND his blog looks useful, so in fact I learnt more – communal brain failure causes brain to grow


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