Whats my big question about TEL #ocTEL

I think for me the biggest question has always been – “How do we get staff to engage with this (TEL)?”

Now this does pre-suppose that staff engagement with TEL is a good thing and thus something we want to be doing, but I am just going to say that the educational establishment has decided to pay me (and thousands of others) a salary to do this so I am going to assume it is a proven good thing. (research tends to confirm this as well http://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/toolkit/approaches/digital-technology/)

Now this is not a new question for me and I have approached it before from a different angle when I created Gliddon’s Heirachy of TEL (with thanks to Mazlow of course) as a kind of mental checklist to see if TEL projects would be likely to succeed.

GH_TELNow I had 1/2 finished this post when I read the omnipresent James Clay’s post on his “Big Question” and realised that by asking about how we “Create a culture…to improve learning” he was asking the same question that I was but in a slightly more focused way.

If you look at the pyramid on the left, I think that we have (in most institutions) reached the stage where the bottom 2 levels have been met for most tech that staff would use.  It is the next level Training/Culture where things get more uneven.

For years I have followed a policy of “Develop the willing” and hoped that those less willing would change their minds as they saw their colleagues succeeding in using TEL.  I want to do better (faster?) than this, so my question is

“How do we get staff to engage with and create a culture of TEL that improves learning”

4 thoughts on “Whats my big question about TEL #ocTEL

    1. josephgliddon Post author

      Yes its a good post, and when I was reading it I thought “this seems familiar”
      If you scroll down you will see your 5th reply was from me 🙂

      It is a question that Ive been thinking about for years, the phrase “Herding Cats” is appropriate

      Oh and before I forget I thought this blog post had some good ideas on the subject
      I particularly liked the answer that came after this line
      “9 times out of 10, teachers are not looking for this answer: “

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