Flipped classroom vs MOOC

Pedagogic thoughts on a sunny afternoon for #octel


2 thoughts on “Flipped classroom vs MOOC

  1. Sue Barnes

    I like your video approach and may try this myself. Unfortunately, in Glasgow we have no lovely spring weather just now – gales and lashing rain instead.
    Your comparison of the flipped classroom and MOOCs is interesting. The flipped classroom is perhaps more manageable and maybe, as learners, we are not yet fully prepared for learning in the more chaotic way that a MOOCs involve or require. Is that because we have been trained to learn in a directed fashion from an early age and should we be training our new learners how to learn in a more chaotic fashion?

    1. josephgliddon Post author

      Gales and Lashing rain sounds like a good dramatic backdrop for your video 🙂
      I like the idea of “Chaotic Learning”, I think we tend to have directed learning because it is easier to measure/test that students are learning.
      The thing is measuring student learning is useful to us (the educators and educational institutions)
      For the students its the learning that is important not the measuring.
      Both are important but I think we should put learning first – I worry that bureaucracies sometimes have a tendency to put the measurement first.


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