#octel mooc – Who are our learners?

Having very little time last week I only managed to do the “If you only do one thing” so I took a few of the questionaires

Peeragogy RoadmapGenerally they seemed to focus on technical skills and attitude (ie will you put the hours in if you dont have face to face teaching).  I must admit Im not fond of the big list of radio button questions – its too easy to simply click that you are brilliant at everything and so there is not a lot of reflection.  I think if I was creating one I would describe the areas needed for online learning and get students to fill out a text box with how they able they thought they were, this would encourage a bit more reflection.  You could also get them to look back at their answers later to see if they have progressed.

Also this week the Technology Enhanced Learning team I am part of started looking at reworking our staff development (so the hard work was done by my colleagues and I am just piggybacking).  Have a look at this to see who our learners are and what their requirements might be.  Its a scarily wide ranging list!


2 thoughts on “#octel mooc – Who are our learners?

  1. Jo Conlon

    Looks like you are going to be busy! Particularly if you implement both ‘on-demand’ and JIT! Will look forward to updates – good luck 😉

    1. josephgliddon Post author

      Yes it will be very busy but we are a fairly big team. The on-demand is fairly well established (phone, email & f2f). I will definitely do a few posts when we start implementing our changes


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