Teaching using a VLE #5 Sounds like learning

One of the things I used to run into when trying to get teaching staff to experiment with teaching and see how tech could help was the “Curriculum”.  Basically on a 10 week course they would have a couple of 100 “things” to tell the students and so they would give a lecture that covered all the “things” for that week, they had told the students, their job was done – they didn’t have time in the lesson to experiment because that would mean they didn’t have time to mention all the “things”.

Now I must admit that I don’t run into that problem anywhere near as often these days, but if you are wondering how to free up some time in your face to face sessions one of the easiest is to look through your session and choose 1 “thing” to tell your students outside of class.


Then you simply record an audio file and put it on the VLE, your students can listen at a time that suits them.  This should free up about 5 minutes to do something a bit creative with your students.

This audio file I recorded talks about some of the things you should consider when making  your audio file.

Some of you at this point might be wondering about the technical “how” of recording some audio – if you have a smart phone or a pc headset then you have all the kit you need.  The internet can tell you how

  • “how can I record my voice” returned over 300million hits on google
  • Audacity is an open source free software allowing you to record and edit sound
  • In this case I used Audio Boo (because they have an android app as well as a webpage – so I can use either my phone or my desktop)

As with all advice I try to link it to educational research showing a benefit to students/results/learning outcomes.  You can see some research into short podcasts here and here  and the affects of pre-lecture podcasts here, you can easily find more materials yourself using google scholar.

And remember – try to make your new spare 5 minutes fun and interactive!  If it goes well (or horribly badly) why not share it with others in the comments below.

1 thought on “Teaching using a VLE #5 Sounds like learning

  1. josephgliddon Post author

    Update – if you are interested in Audacity try this course
    Its $10 and the person who wrote it, well I like his blog posts so I think/hope it will be a good course (I know loads about audacity so I am not going to try it, because I probably already know it)


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