Teaching using a VLE #6 Video for Muddiest Point (and flipping)

Adding video to your VLE is easy with modern kit, it frees up class time, allows you to repeat concepts your students struggled with and can be a starting point in transforming the way you teach.

So we covered audio in the last lesson and pretty much everything we said for that also holds true for videos.

Again you can free up class time by taking one “thing” from your lecture and making a quick video about it.  If making a video aim for about 5 minutes.

2010. Донецк. Карнавал на день города 003

Maybe getting the film students to help me with my 5 minute video was overkill

You can take videos easily using your smartphone OR you can get a video camera and setup a simple shot (this can work well when you are using a board to explain something – which for a lot of educators will be firmly in their comfort zone 🙂 )

One of my favourite video ideas is the concept of “Muddiest Point” where you take a “point” in your class that students either didn’t understand or misunderstood and then make a quick video covering that point.

The way this is often done is to have post-its on the desks and any time a student doest understand something they write on a post-it, you take in the post-its at the end and anything that appears a few times you make a “Muddiest Point” video. Because the first time you explained it is was “As clear as Mud!”

Here is an example I made earlier today

There are lots and lots of ways you can use video in your course, it really is worth having a play around and seeing what suits you.  If you want to really see how much you can use this to transform your teaching then watch this TED talk (worth a look even if you already know about flipped classrooms)

Finally just to give you something to aspire to here is a short video from the “History Teachers” – see how much info is crammed into the 4 minutes (I wish my videos were this good)


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