Tower of Dreams #cicmooc

In the first week of our creativity mooc we were challenged to build the tallest tower from a single sheet of A4 paper.  The idea being to try, fail, try, fail etc until we had a good solution.

Here is my process

Told about challenge by a classmate, thought of cutting into strips and making into tubes held together with sellotape.  Then sellotaping the tubes together with maybe 3 tubes at bottom in tripod to give stability. Realised I could get more height by making the tripod a single tube cut into 3 pieces

Failed – actually watched video, realised was only allowed to use paper – no sellotape!

Rolled paper into tube and cut to make another tube, balanced one loose spiral ontop of another.  2X paper height not stable and top one falls off.

Made cuts in paper a slotted into bottom one. Stable.  Tried cutting one into 2 strips and slotting onto top. 3X paper height – 2cm for slots, stood for about 3 seconds before falling.

Decided to continue experiments in evening!


Curled paper – 2 times paper height

That evening I had a few attempts, see here for full set of pictures.

At the end of the evening I had a tower reaching 88cm, but I thought I could do better!  More later this week.

You might also like this video “Tower of Dreams, first floor

Well I said there would be more later in the week and in an update, my next tower reached 117 cm (46 inches).



Mess is often creative!

Mess is often creative!

I strongly suspect that this will be as tall as I manage to make my tower, although someone with real patience should be able to manage more.

Here is another video (made with a different piece of software)  “Tower of Dreams, top floor?

What I did to achieve this was tear the paper into 16 equally sized strips and fold each one in 1/2.

Pictures and video here

5 strips made up a 3 pillared frame (3 legs is the minimum for a stable tower).  The top and bottom strips gave some rigidity to the frame.

3 frames on top of each other and a single strip attached to the top frame.  When top strip was straightened it was 117 cm.  It was stable enough to stand for 6 hours (overnight) but when someone entered the room and then shut the door the draft blew it over.



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