Its nice when the room is smarter than you are

Last week I was due to deliver a workshop on collaborative learning, sadly I had to cancel as only 1 person had signed up.  I had been thinking of an alternative way to deliver the content so this prodded me to write it up into a blog post.  In theory this would allow someone to cover the information in the workshop without attending – its not bad for a first pass and could do with some more work (I particularly want to look more at what students might be collaborating on – in the live session the discussions between attendees generally provides lots of ideas, working through it on your own? Probably not so much).


It took me a couple of hours work to write it out and tweak it so it made sense.

The Room

In contrast I was looking at G+ and saw this post by +Dan Leighton.  I jumped in and made a quick comment

if I was planning a leadership event I would break it into 3 stages

  1. What kind of educational organisation do I want mine to be

  2. What GAFE tools can I use to support these aspirations

  3. What do I need to do to enable my staff to use these

A couple of comments later I suggested they could share around a google doc and would be able to between them come up with a fairly decent session plan (I also shared a google doc and stuck my quote above in it).

I didn’t think much more about it, finished off my work and went to meet a friend down the pub (it was Friday!)


My phone did make a few bleeps etc as the night went on but I didnt pay much attention.  However on the bus home I noticed a number of comments and replies.  When I checked the doc I found that it had got a fair bit more detailed – please see for yourself.

Now its not perfect or anything, but its a very good start on planning a day session and if any of the people involved do get around to running a “Google Educational Leadership Academy” then they have some good ideas to build on.

So the next time I want to think about some training – I am going to ask the room, its smarter than me AND it does the work while I am in the pub 🙂


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