This weekend was a great step forward in sharing with the British library releasing loads of open copyright pictures.  Shortly after turned up in my G+ stream and I could add videos clips as well.  Finally I found educational clip art.  Ah a great weekend for sharing I thought.

Then as the week went on and I did some digging I noticed the Elephant in the room, while the British Library had got it right with its picture shares and embed codes (and was even crowd sourcing the tagging and cataloguing of pictures)

Elephant in the room

Elephant in the room

It seems that not all shares are equal, having looked at the clip art I see that they allow “up to 50” pictures in a project and ask that you link back to their site (read the full licence here

So the clip on the left (of me throwing my toys out the pram ) comes from

Im not sure if I am allowed to use 50 of them in my blog, in a single post or what.  More to the point you have to download them as tifs and then add them to your project and add a reference to where they came from.  Its not massively onerous but it requires thinking about (unlike CC images – once you know the licences you are good with all of them) and filling in all the details yourself.

Compare this with Wiki Media Commons (which has been my go to site for images for a while) where you get an embed code which includes all the licencing and attribution stuff as part of it.

The thing is if I want to encourage academics to reference their images correctly it has to be easy and non time consuming – otherwise they will simply drop in any image and then get cross with me when they want to share a “presentation I have been using for years” and I have to point out they have to lose most of the images because they are unsourced/illegal

I very much like the clips – even though I cant embed them in my blog as it doesnt support iframes (and the links seem slow)

Then at the end of the week I found this,

Me doing a Happy Dance

which among other things allows me to search for CC clipart, which comes with embed code with the licence details meaning I am once again happy… Merry Christmas all!



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