#Octel – my practice, shifting dimensions

Our first Mooc task this week….

First, think about a learning activity and think about which quadrant these activities would lie on the matrix.

Now imagine how you might shift the activities into another quadrant and what other factors would be affected if you did so




I decided to look at my training course “Supporting collaborative learning through technology” because I am running it again next week.  There is group work and individual work and overall it is fairly directed (I go through the various collaborative options).

So I am going to look at what happens if I make it more Autonomous, allowing the students to look at the various tools and choose which ones they want to explore and give them the opportunity to include things they like to use or have heard about.

In order to do this I am going to have to move things a bit more online and get them to do various bits of work prior to the session.

I will send out a google form listing the tools inside the VLE and the tools outside and get them to fill in what they are interested in looking at.  I will also give them the opportunity to write in a text box what tool they have come across that they would like to use.

Then in the F2F session I will spend less time explaining and contrasting the tools and give them more time to explore them themselves.


3 thoughts on “#Octel – my practice, shifting dimensions

  1. msars2014

    Hi Joseph
    I like the idea of using a Google form to gather info prior to your face-to-face session.

    I wonder if you could take it further and set up a Google doc listing different collaboration tools, with space to complete pros, cons, suggestions for use, etc. Then the particpants could complete this collaboratively.

    1. josephgliddon Post author

      Well the course went quite well, I used a google doc in class and got them all to discuss collaboration on it (so you saw the doc updating on the projector screen as they all typed).
      Interestingly at one point the class got away from me with them all clicking and talking about different google tools – having decided to move to the more autonomous end of the scale I just let them get on with it.

      1. msars2014

        That sounds great. Seeing all the updates happening in real time is very cool!

        Thanks for updating us about how the class went.

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