Finishing #OcTEL and Gliddon’s Law

So we are in the last week of #OcTEL mooc and I am reflecting on what I have learnt, I started out with my “Big Question“, I looked at changing the ways I teach, the use of “Teaching Machines”, the ways people learn, making online materials and I thought about why EdTech projects fail.

So returning to my question “What could learning be – if we embrace technology?”  I think it could be different, it could be better, it could be many things including lots of things that teachers did not expect.  Though we may make models of things that work there will never be a single model much in the way that every brain is unique.

Which brings me nicely to something that the reading I have been doing and a few other things have merged together to make…

Gliddon’s Law -“The interaction of any Technology with Education is more complicated than you expect, even when you take into account Gliddon’s law”

Now I obviously owe a debt to Hofstadter’s Law and Ben Goldacre’s “I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that …“, I should also credit the work my colleagues put in by saying “But what about…” whenever I make sweeping statements about EdTech.

India - Hyderabad - 149 - electricity grid (3921003774)


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