Nuts and bolts of running a Peer Review Market

First off for those of you who just want to use it link is here.

When you take a copy it will ask if it can send emails using your account – if you want it to email students when things happen you need to say yes to this.

When you take a copy of the spreadsheet you will also get 4 Forms – you need to find a way to provide all 4 forms to your students and give them access to view the published spreadsheet (for forms File send form or File embed for spreadsheet click file, publish to web – then use the link or embed code).  I like embedding them into a webpage/vle but you can simply put up the links if you find that easier.

Alanya Market 50

You also need somewhere students can add files and get links – Google Drive is good, dropbox is another good alternative – for both if you want anonymity you will have to set it so anyone with the link can edit/upload.

Returning to the spreadsheet – there are a number of hidden sheets, you need to click view hidden sheets, “Username and Anonymous name

In columns A, B and C you need to put your students username, anonymous name and email address.  The system can support 500 students – if you have more than that, post a comment below and I will see what I can do for you.

Now hide the “Username and Anonymous name” sheet again and you are good to go.  If any students try to game the system or pretend to be someone else then it will show up in red on the find work to mark page.

Students start with 8 points – getting someone to mark their work costs 8 and they get 3 back for providing the feedback to their reviewer at the end.  The reviewer gets up to 5 points based on the feedback.  So if any student want more than 2 pieces of work reviewed they are going to have to review other students work.

See this video by my colleague Dr Phil Langton for a explanation of why the points

For most people just use it as is, don’t edit or delete any of the cells or sheets (apart from putting in your students on the “Username and Anonymous name” sheet).  If you want to change what the emails say click “Tools”, “Script Editor” and look for the bits that say “Message”.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to write up exactly what I did and why, it will be a bit techie but if its not too boring I will post it when I am done.



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