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Why I teach

For #connectedcourses we were asked to consider #whyITeach

So I had a think about it and …

Of course when looking at the details we were asked to make our video about 5 seconds long so

It is very hard to summarise but I think that I do teach because I enjoy seeing people learn

Why should people study Learning Technology?

Well not just because its shiny!

I believe that technology is such a force multiplier that its not just that we can scale a bit bigger what we were already doing, not just that we can make existing teaching a bit better and more engaging.

Technology makes possible the ideas of learning that before were impractical.  It is an opportunity to co-construct learning as what we would dream it to be.

It will be an iterative process, it will never be finished, never be perfect (and in a way that’s its beautiful strength)

For teachers and lecturers to start on this transformative path they need to be aware of what technology can do, they need to be comfortable to play around with technology, to experiment and know that its ok to (constructively) fail and to know there are people who will help when it goes wrong.

I hope that those who participate in my course, will reach that state sooner than they would alone, because after all that is what a teacher is for – to help us reach faster, further and higher

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Otherwise as Cathy Davidson said (13.28 minutes in till 14.15) “If what we do can be replaced by a computer screen then maybe we should be”

Edit – it has been pointed out to me that the above statement could appear a little harsh if used by someone from a central department in a University rather than a teacher.  I do work in a central department teaching and supporting academics/teachers (I have taught students in the past and I fully intend to teach again in the future).  That wasn’t the way I intended it – it was a call to “be as good as we can be” not a “lets replace our staff with cheap videos”.

Cathy Davidson is a teacher and in her blog post on this subject discusses in intelligent detail what this challenge means – (I would recommend you read it – she says it better than I could)

Connected Courses Mooc

So I fell into doing another mooc – its a really interesting one.  Details here (if you are reading this why not sign up as well?)

and a nice introductory post by Jim Groom here

This is a very brief post so that I can link my blog into the course, I hope that the rest of my posts for this course are a bit longer and more erudite.

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