Why I teach

For #connectedcourses we were asked to consider #whyITeach

So I had a think about it and …

Of course when looking at the details we were asked to make our video about 5 seconds long so

It is very hard to summarise but I think that I do teach because I enjoy seeing people learn


6 thoughts on “Why I teach

  1. Jonathan Worth

    Smiley faces ? Yes I’m with you Joseph, that’s why I stoped working as a botox beautician – I just missed the smiles. Great to have you aboard ss connectedcourses sir.

  2. paulsignorelli

    I love the thoughts and enthusiasm behind this as well as the demonstration of how the creative process works online–very effective reduction of the first draft to the final draft. You’ve created a lovely learning object at many levels here; thanks.

  3. Mimi Ito

    The smile on your face when you describe the smile on the learner’s face is really the best demonstration of your why :). Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Maha Bali

    Loved this! I once wrote an entire blogpost about the look in students’ eyes (i found it when i taught first-year students after having taught adults for years). Love the smile om your face in the video 🙂


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